September 5, 2009

... and today we went for BEER!!!

Okay, I must confess... I DO live in France, but I DON'T drink alcohol... (well I can handle a sip or two but that's it).  I don't like the taste of beer, but I will now try a sip of Alex's just to see what the taste is, as foreign beer is about a MILLION times better than American beer.  Right now, my FAV is Guiness, because it looks and tastes like COFFEE! Hah! 
Today we made a trip up to Paris to drop off Noelle at her new home and stopped off at the beer shop: BOOTLEGGER in the 14th.   There, we had a feast for our eyes as we scanned through all of the different types of beer in the store.  End result, buying up about 50 euros worth of beer that is now mixed in with the wine in Alex's cave! Yeeeee haaaah!  GO BEER!!  Here are some of the different types we saw today.

Here's their contact info:
82, rue de l'Ouest / 14, rue Croce-Spinelli
(behind the new Montparnasse development)
75014 Paris
Tel and Fax 43 27 94 02
Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 10.30-13.00 and 16.00-21.00.

Here's what we bought for 50 euros:


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Wow Leesa, what a wonderful beer shop...Arni would love it.

Ah did Noelle settle in ok. :-( x x

David said...

What's the address?

Glad you discovered that the "taste of beer" doesn't exist, as it's about the many different tasteS of beerS... ;-)

(just like chicken)

Ron said...

Hi Leesa!

OK, I'm like you...I'm not a beer drinker, but it's fascinating to see the huge variety of beers they over.

LOVE the bottles! And I find it amazing that you can purchase them in singles. Not like here, where everything is in a SIX-PACK!!!

How cool!


Leesa said...

Hey Anne,

Next time you're in Paris, we can stop by this shop!!
I think it's a guys "paradise!"

David.. Yeh, I know!! I'm becoming more experienced, I guess... I'll post the address and link to their site, which I had forgotten to do.. Thanks for the reminder!!


Yes... I was intrigued by all of the different labels!
It's a specialty store, as you can see and the beers can be quite expensive per bottle.. I think that's why they let you by it by the bottle.... So you can try so many different kinds and not buy it by the sixpack... One sixpack of a cheaper bottle would be about 16-18 euros which is about $22/25!!! A pretty high price for beer, eh? Anyhow... it's good that you can buy it buy the bottle....

Justin said...

Oh I am definitely going to be going there!

And I will need to show you some incredible American beers I know... that would argue your "foreign beer is a MILLION times better" point ;-) The US does have a lot of incredible beers, whereas the EU does have a lot of crap beers (1664 for example). hehe :-)

Thank you so much for sharing this... I will most likely be stopping there this week! (I need to find a good IPA)

David said...

Sure the US has some good beers if you're lucky, look hard and/or happen to know a brewer, but I never found one at the grocery store.
(let's say that 5% of the US beers are good, it's a random estimate)

On the other hand, I defy you to find one bad Belgian beer. :-)