August 27, 2009

Malongo Cafe, Paris

This is a cute petit café latté.  It was just the right size for a mid afternoon coffee! YUMMM!!
Malongo Café can be found at 50, Rue Saint-André des Arts

My favourite cafe in Paris!  I met a super cool and sweet French woman here the other day! She had hair tinted red from Henna and a really colorful outfit.  She was quite talkative, like myself... so she came over to our table and we had a nice chat for about an hour.  Her name is Aline and she was just visiting friends in Paris for the week.  


shannon said...

That looks delicious!!

And that woman almost sounds like the directrice of my school (the hair and colorful clothes are so her!). And her name is Aline as well. But she lives in Canada... but she is French.

Leesa said...

Hi Shannon,

That's a coinkydink!! How funny!! Thanks for stopping by!