August 26, 2009

La Tour de Montparnasse

Going up to the top of the Tour de Montparnasse for the first time!!!

The only gratte ciel in Paris proper ... You have to go to La Defense
to see the others....

Carolyn, this is for you!!! A little bit of Sydney in Paris... I was looking at you, did 
you see me??!!!!!

I told the woman who made made coffee that after being in the States for six weeks, I was soooo happy to get back to France to have "real" coffee... I can't tell you how good this little tasse was!!! YUMMM!!!!  Coffee with a view, to boot!


Isabelle said...

Leesa, you are the very first expact who's not complaining about the taste of coffee in France!!
Are you becoming more French than the French?!!

Leesa said...

I guess b/c I don't drink wine or champagne, I don't have that to enjoy... So, I enjoy the coffee instead! Has to be GOOD coffee to meet my tough standards of excellency!!!

Carolyn said...

I see you! I see you!

Sorry it took so long - just coming up for air and catching up on my favourite blogs.

The top of the Tour M. was one of the first places a friend took me in Paris years ago -- such a fabulous view and how cool you all went up there :)

Thanks for the Sydney photo, Leesa - love it.

See you soon - take care.