August 23, 2009

Anne's here!

Now friend-in-person and fellow blogger,
Anne from Oxfordshire, is here visiting Paris!!  We are lucky to have this fine lass with us... she's going to have a blast in the next few weeks!   We'll be busy discovering Paris so stay tuned!!

This picture is the heading for Anne's blog.


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Ah Leesa that is so wonderful,Thank you. I am lucky to have such wonderful friends like you, Barbara, Dawn, Kim B, Andrea, and anyone who knows me...oh yes mustn't forget Elizabeth and Neil, and their cats :-)

we are going to have a blast :-)

Ron said...

Hi Annie! Hi Leesa!


Hope ALL you ladies had a wonderful day!



Leesa said...

*waving back* Hi Ron!!!!! We had a GREAT day... Doing it all again today too!!