July 26, 2009

Baking up Cheesecakes....re

Edgar was soooo nice enough to carry both my pail and Jan's all day long during our mining adventure, that I offered to teach him how to make on of the EASIEST recipes of all-- CHEESCAKE!!!  We made pumpkin and lemon with fresh lemon juice and zest! They both turned out FAB!!

We're a bit silly, I know.. But, Jan had us pose for the camera!!


Barbara said...

Leesa is a nice friends; share & share alike.
More than sure that the result was delish !
Hugs XXX

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Leesa..looks like loads and loads of FUN!!! Great to share with friends.

Hugs Anne xx

Leesa said...

Hi Barbara....

Thanks for the kind words! The cheesecake was ABSOLUTELY delish!!!

Anne- YES... lots of fun!! Always nice to share with friends!
Take care!

Ron said...

Hi Leesa!

I'll take two pieces thank you!

I ADORE cheese cake. Both the pumpkin and the lemon sound heavenly!

You guys look like you're having a BLAST!

And look at how beautifully tan you are!!