June 9, 2009

My FAV coffee house in Strasbourg

This place has the BEST pain au chocs in France, hands down! And, their coffee is EXCELLENT!!! 

Cute decor!

Their choice of desserts looks heavenly- I didn't try any, though!


Cheryl said...

Oof, more temptations! I will have to bring a lot of eating money when I go there. And walk everywhere to burn the calories off1

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Leesa..you hunt out the best coffee shops wherever you go :-):-)

We need to get our trip sorted, definetely going to Strabourg..!!

Susu said...

Looks so lavishly yummy!

My sister is coming to Paris for Fête de la musique - so we'll catch an open-air concert, probably the main one at Denfert.

au soleil levant said...

Wow, great pics! Makes me ready for a pastry! Did they have any kurtoskulacs? :)

Leesa said...

Hi Cheryl!

Hehe... Yes, one saving grace-- walking it all off afterwards!!

Anne, Fall will be a lovely time to visit Strasbourg.

Susu- Hey there chica! Thanks for letting me know! I don't know if I will be around then but have a blast!

Mira-- Thanks!! No, no cinnabon swirly bread!!
But, Alex and I will have some in a week and a half from now in Budapest!

mermaidliz said...

This place looks awesome (and gr8 pics btw)! How is it called? Don't think I've come across it so far... :(