June 8, 2009

Food and Beer in Strasbourg!

And here you have it- what is a typical "food" in Alsace?  Why the "tarte flambé," of course!  You can have it as a meal AND a dessert!  It's a really thin and light crust topped with sour cream and some other toppings of choice.  I preferred "nature" which is just cream cheese and onions and sprinkled with paprika.

The "dessert" one is apple and cinnamon- doused with apple liquor and then set on fire! WOWWWW!!!
Neither Patricia nor I drink alcohol - but this "woman's beer" is really hard to resist.... We tried a few different flavors, such as apricot, raspberry, peach, cherry and our personal FAV- Mirabelle... YUMMM!!! It's only 3 or 4 % alcohol and tastes like a fruit drink with a slight beer flavour!
A nice collection of beer!


shannon said...

Love the tarte flambee!! So yummy!!

Andrea said...

You don't drink but had 5 beers, lol.

Yeah, I don't drink either ;-)