June 14, 2009

A few pics from the comedie musicale "Cleopatre"

Such a beautiful show.

After the show, I had to use the restroom and by the time I was out of the arena, the actors were outside signing autographs and taking pics with their fans.  I got a few autographs and got to talk to a few actors about tell them that I really enjoyed the show.
Adorable Octavie, actress Amélie Piovoso. 

This is actor Florian Étienne, who played the role of Marc Antoine. A very handsome young man!

Here's a pic I took from the internet of the main cast without their customes/makeup.

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Ron said...

Bonjour Leesa!

OMG...I would LOVE to have been there with you!!!!

I bet it was so EXCITING!!!

The costumes and sets are amazing!

Great shots of the actors signing autographs!!!