May 21, 2009

What a GREAT day today!!

Today we took a drive down to the pays de la loire and visited with Ken, Walt and Callie....
We régaled thoroughly! Merci beaucoup Walt and Ken!   We'll be back!!


Ron said...

Hi Leesa!

I caught up on your blog posts, but wanted to leave a comment on this one because of the WINE! have no idea how fabulous that wine and food look together - I can taste it from here!

Truly, my friend...all your photos are magnificent!

Callie is adorable!


wcs said...

Thanks, Leesa! We had a great time with you guys. Come back any time!

And great photos, too!


Leesa said...

Hi Ron,

It's funny how I don't drink alcohol, but I have learned to appreciate a good wine... So, sipping wine has become something I do... Even though I can't drink a lot, it's nice to know that at least I can appreciate some really good wine with a meal! Take care and thanks for stopping by!!! Have a Marvy WEEKEND!!!

Hi Walt,

Thanks so much!!! We will DEFIN. take you up on your gracious offer! It was a nice way to spend the day and we just love your guys' company!! Thanks again!!
P.S. The sun is shining brightly now at 8 am!! Go figure!!! : )

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi never keep still :-)

Another great visit to see WC and Ken... pleased you had a great time!