May 30, 2009

Pretty pasta bow ties

Walt and Ken are "gourmet all the way" when it comes to alimentation! They prepared a special pesto made from radish leaves (from their garden).  It was DELISH!  It didn't taste a lot different from the basil pesto, except maybe not as pronounced as the basil.  Boy, was it GOOD!!! And, just on a secret note... I ate this really delicious chicken, too!! I'm a little "less" of a vegetarian at the moment! : )


Ron said...

Hi Leesa!

HOLY COW!....this looks ORGASMIC!

My favorite pasta is bow tie! In fact, I just made some for dinner last night.

That chicken looks to DIE FOR!


And is that a bottle of red wine I see in the background???

This is a meal I would SO enjoy! I need to go make another dinner. I'm suddenly hungry again.

tee, hee!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend, Leesa!


Starman said...

That certainly looks good.

Keith said...

That looks so delicious.