May 18, 2009

Me and Mira

A great travel buddy and guide!  
Thanks for the great (and funny times) together during our trip!!  It was indeed a memorable one, n'est-ce pas?! 
HDG (homme de glace) and "We're not in Pants anymore!!" hehehe...
Lots of ice cream, Indian food, and good times.... I hope we get to travel again together sometime in the future! 


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi pleased you had a great trip :-) Ours was indeed memorable too!!!

Au Soleil Levant said...

Leesa, you are so sweet! I had a great time with you too! Indeed, we were no where near Pants. Who else would make me learn to model pose the minute I heard someone say "Hey Mira!" behind me or else be stuck with terrible pictures? And who else would have tried to set me up with half of the men in Eastern Europe? And I would absolutely never have gone up to the top of St Steven's if you hadn't made me. I may have been terrified, but it was worth it. Thank you for putting up with me for 12 days! You made my trip really fantastic! Looking forward to our next travel adventure.

Leesa said...

Hi Anne,

Yes!! A great time had by ALL!! Isn't traveling just WONDERFUL!!!


Hahahahaha!!! Yeh... Half the men in Eastern Europe- and you lost their contact info! When I go back to Vienna with Alex, I'm gonna HUNT the poor guy down and tell him we lost his contact info... WHOOPS... I don't rememember his darn name!!
Glad you went up to St. Steven's with me and we met those nice Italian boys.. Hey, peolple have NOT emailed yet and I need some some more contacts in other countries!!!
And, I should have set you up with Ice Cream Man or the croched over begger on one leg... hahahah!
Glad we made it around and had such a fun time, too!!
Let me know when you're up for the next round of traveling...
I'm PRAYING you get to stay another year!!! : )

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Welocme back our Leesa!