May 3, 2009


So, for the past two weeks, my email has been acting up... Before leaving on my trip, I asked my dad, Mr. Mac Expert about what I should do to solve my problem.  He told me I had to clear space on my computer- okay.. So, I did that, but it didn't solve my problem. My mail was full and it kept giving me a message to make space in my home folder.
Not really knowing what to do, I used my webmail during my trip (I couldn't send mail through my regular program).  I was able to receive email on my regular mail program, though. 
It all gets worse when I got ultra frustrated last night because I had been trying and trying to delete old emails but nothing was working and then the program would just quit... I was stuck!! I even called Apple Tech Support and the guy told me to free up space in my mail box, that it was full!  Yes, I knew that already, my problem was that my program wasn't even allowing me to do anything other than look at my inbox.  I couldn't delete anything or perform any other actions.
So, when I finally got too tired to do anything else, I shut down the computer and went to sleep.  I tried again this morning and SOMEHOW... don't ask me how... I did something and then all of my mail in the inbox became unreadable and I had a message on each one saying I had to go online and download the messages to my server?!!!! WTF?! Okay, I went to help on my mail and tried to solve the problem.. There were several options that made sense and I tried a few of them... Nothing worked... BUT, somehow, I ended up DELETING ALL OF MY MAIL!!!!!!!  And then after that, I ended up DELETING ALL OF MY SENT MAIL (that was readable just a few seconds ago)!!!! OMG!!!
Did I mention that before I deleted the mail, I saw that I had almost 18,000 emails!!!!! Then I had NONE!!  It's soooo depressing!  I guess I no longer have the problem of my mailbox being FULL, so I should be thankful for one thing... BUT, I lost a helluva lot of important email messages and I am pretty PISSED about it!!! Dam computer!!!!


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Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi frustrating for you :-( :-( arrrgggghhhh.

Coulnd't Alex of helped, thought he was in IT !!!LOL

Sent you a message on Facebook with link for apartment.

Barbara said...

Hi Leesa,
Darn it !!!

I hope that you don't have anything really important in there for your work .
I'm not very handy with computer advice. Bon courage for getting advice & getting back & running.


Hey babe,
Sorry to hear about this, maybe it is fixable?
I can't wait to seeyou and give you a big hug!

Leesa said...

Anne, Barbara and Brigitte,

Thanks so much for the support-- not tech support, but moral support... I can't believe I did that, but I did!!! I am going to call Earthlink today and see what they can tell me about hopefully retrieving the mails...

Andrea said...

Sorry to hear this Leesa, I can imagine how annoying and upsetting it must be.

I know it's a bit late now but you might want to arrange to back up your email in the future.

I have a special gmail account set up which I forward all my important emails to.

Plus I use to backup my entire computer. It's only $5 per month for unlimited storage and works with Macs.

Good luck getting your emails back!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

You'll overcome the situation Leesa!

Ron said...

Hi Leesa!

HOLY MOLY! I can't believe you actually had 18,000 emails...that's incredible! I don't think I've ever had that many emails combined in three years.

It's weird that you're sharing this today, because lately I've been having very strange things happening to my email system. I have two accounts and the one with gmail is acting freaky. Sometimes it won't hold my emails in draft and other times it's not allowing me to even TYPE. I've also had it happen like you, where I get emails sent to me in an unreadable code.


Anyway, hopefully now that you cleared everything out, it may start acting properly.

Sorry you lost them. I'd have been PISSED too!!! MAJORLY!!!

Hope you had a great Sunday, Leesa!