April 26, 2009

Puli - a Hungarian dog!

I call it the Rasta dog! Sooo cute! Saw one today here in Budapest.

The Puli is an ancient sheep dog of Hungary, introduced by the migration of the Magyars from Central Asia in the Middle Ages. Nomadic shepherds of the Hungarian plains valued their herding dogs, paying as much as a year's salary for a Puli.

In Asia, the breed goes back 2000 years and anecdotal evidence suggests a Puli-like dog existed 6000 years ago. This breed is possibly the ancestor of the modern Poodle. The ancestry of the Puli, however, is not known with certainty.


Anonymous said...

trop cool :o)
tu reviens avec un chiot ?

American in Poitiers said...

Hi! I too am an American living in France and I enjoyed looking at your blog. I live near Poitiers and am from New York. I too have started a blog which is a kind of pot-pourri of all kinds of practical, chick stuff. I'm also going to add some slice-of-life stuff about what it's like living over here. Take a look if you like and maybe we can share our stories.