April 18, 2009

Lunch for 14!

Anne and Dawn
from far left:  Dashia, Serena, Mel, Andrea. Dawn is standing.
Clive, Carolyn, Kim.

Yes, can you believe that we were a group of 14?!! I can't!!! Well, the proof is in the photos! I will link to everyone when I get back from my trip, but here are some photos of our crowd. Carolyn and Clive from Sydney were in town, so were Anne and Caroline. I organized a get together, as you all know I love to organize social gatherings, but this was by far the biggest lunch at a resto that we have had yet!! It was so much fun!!! I finally got to meet Serena, and that was just a delight! She's a fellow Californian whose blog I have been following for over a year- (her blog is La Plage Française, but it has mysteriously disappeared recently! Of course, there were Dawn and Elizabeth, Andrea , Dasha, Kim B. from Sassieland, my friend, Joanna and her friend, Mel, and me!


Carolyn said...

Leesa, it was such a great time and thanks again for organising it! We enjoyed meeting you and everyone, and look forward to the next time :)

Phivos Nicolaides said...

You are a great organizer Leesa, a real master of ceremonies!!