April 16, 2009

Jardin du Luxemburg

I have to write down all of the places we have visited since Anne and Carolyn have been here! Yesterday, we stopped by for a walk in the park and it was just beautiful. I really LOVE seeing all of the different colours and varities of tulips.


Anonymous said...

Great photos of paris!!!!!

Susan in Lille said...

Love, love, love the pictures of the flowers!!
Miss ya.

Kim B. said...

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous photos Leesa! You really are showing Anne and Carolyn all the best!

Leesa said...

Anonymous-- Thanks!! My two favourite seasons to shot in Paris are fall/spring!!! Both are gorgeous! Thanks for visiting my blog!!

Susan-- Thanks for your compliments! I miss you, too!! Wish we could have made it over to Lille... I'll send you an email! Bizz!!

Kim- Hey there! Great meeting you the other day! Hope we can get together again sometime soon!
I know that Carolyn and Anne are really enjoying their stay!
Take care, Leese