April 19, 2009

Hello Cupcake Princesse!

How beautiful is this personalized ceramic art?!! Anne presented this to me when we met!! She made it herself and I just LOVE it!!!!

Thanks Anne!!!!!


Carolyn said...

What a gorgeous ceramic! From one gorgeous gal to another :) It was so nice to meet both you and Anne in Paris.

Cheers and enjoy your holidays!

debi_in_Hawaii said...

Hey that's cute!

Nadege said...

It is the perfect present for you and very thoughtful.

Susu said...

Wow, how cute! And so you Leesa;) Hope you're having fun touring Europe. I just came back from our lil' gals London getaway - magnificent!


Wow, I love it and that sort of surprise!
Enjoy, you deserve it.
Bisous, Brigitte

Leesa said...

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for your comments! It was indeed a perfect gift- hats off to Anne for her origninality and creativity! She's very talented!
Having a WONDERFUL time in Austria. Such a cute city and the people are very nice!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Leesa....So happy you are having a wonderful time in Austria...:-) Still editing my photos, next time I will have a lap top, to do it each day!!

Cannot believe this time last week we were in Paris...

Thank you for the wonderful post...So pleased you love it!!!

Take Care hugs Anne