April 30, 2009

Cute hand made dolls...

Home again!

We're back safe and sound in France!  It's a warm sunny day and all is well!
I'll be posting more pictures on my vacation blog so stay tuned!

Getting ready to leave....

It's just about 6 a.m. and we're getting ready now... Just wanted to do one more post before leaving the hotel....  It's been a great stay!

April 29, 2009

The vacation is over...

     Tomorrow early morn, Mira and I will be taking a plane back from Budapest to Orly Airport! I cannot even tell you how much fun we have had on our wonderful 2 week vacation!! It's very hard to leave, because we both are in LOVE with Budapest!  Maybe I can convince Alex to move here and I can open a cupcakery here!!!  
     At any rate, I'll be back in Paris tomorrow morning and I'll be busy doing my laundry, unpacking all of the CHOCOLATE that I bought in Salzburg, and then uploading more pictures onto my vacation blog!  I think I did a pretty good job of getting my pictures up so far, but I have about 2000 more from Budapest that I must go through, edit, and upload.... So, please be sure to check back on the other blog, as it will take me quite some time to get them all up!
     We had such a great time on this trip, that I plan to do it again in either June or August with Alex... I HIGHLY recommend this trip to everyone!  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  

New puppy ... from Hungry with love...

Here is my best souvenir from Hungry-- I'm bringing him back to France with me.... Look how CUTE!!!  It's a Hungarian Puli (water dog).

 Just kidding, Alex!!!  : )

April 28, 2009

Reliving family history in Budapest

Since our arrival in Budapest, I have been whipping out and showing to many folks here -a very old photo of my great grandmother who lived in Budapest before immigrating to U.S.  I got some interesting info from local Hungarians about the photo- for instance, the address inscribed on the photo!  Well, today, Mira and I walked past the address and I stopped to take a few shots! It was so thrilling to be in the same place that my great grandmother had walked in the 1800's!! That's HISTORY!!!

April 26, 2009

RIP Bea- A true Golden Girl!

Beatrice Arthur, the larger-than-life actress who scored on Broadway as the original matchmaker in Fiddler on the Roof and the hard-drinking actress in Mame before she went on to star in the groundbreaking '70s TV series Maude and, in the '80s, the beloved sitcom The Golden Girls, died early Saturday morning. She was 86. 

Dan Watt, a spokesman for Arthur's family, told the Associated Press that the star had been suffering with cancer, though he did not specify what kind. She died peacefully at her Los Angeles home with her family by her side, said Watt, who remembered Arthur as "a brilliant and witty woman." 

Puli - a Hungarian dog!

I call it the Rasta dog! Sooo cute! Saw one today here in Budapest.

The Puli is an ancient sheep dog of Hungary, introduced by the migration of the Magyars from Central Asia in the Middle Ages. Nomadic shepherds of the Hungarian plains valued their herding dogs, paying as much as a year's salary for a Puli.

In Asia, the breed goes back 2000 years and anecdotal evidence suggests a Puli-like dog existed 6000 years ago. This breed is possibly the ancestor of the modern Poodle. The ancestry of the Puli, however, is not known with certainty.

A taste of Hungry- Budapest!

We got into Budapest yesterday afternoon and it's just AMAZING as a city! We have walked and eaten our way through the city! I am going on a SERIOUS diet when I get back to France!! : ) I cannot even believe how much DELISH food there is everywhere! 
We have been eating a lot of Indian food, mind you.. but today we had some wonderful Hungarian food!  Ice cream is everywhere!  You just gotta love it!!  The sights are just amazing, too!!  We are staying at a lovely hotel on the Pest side, just a few minutes walking distance from everything!
Here are a few scenic picutres.  

April 25, 2009

Ice cream in Vienna- Zanoni Zanoni! YUMMM!!!

We're not gaining any weight, I promise!! This ice cream is special and it doesn't have calories!!!

April 24, 2009

Pension Suzanne in Vienna - Two thumbs UP!!

Here's where we stayed in Vienna... GREAT place!
Pension Suzanne in the heart of Vienna! The rooms were wonderful and the staff was very friendly and helpful! I highly recommend this charming pension if you plan to visit Vienna.
*Photos taken from their website.

April 22, 2009

Fidelio at the Vienna Opera House

Mira and I just bought tickets for the opera on Friday. Can't wait!

April 19, 2009

Hello Cupcake Princesse!

How beautiful is this personalized ceramic art?!! Anne presented this to me when we met!! She made it herself and I just LOVE it!!!!

Thanks Anne!!!!!

April 18, 2009

Je suis en VACANCES!!!!

From the 14- 30 April!!!!!  Salzburg, Vienna and Budapest!  I'll be posting my photos so please check HERE to see pictures of my trip!  Ciao!!!!

Lunch for 14!

Anne and Dawn
from far left:  Dashia, Serena, Mel, Andrea. Dawn is standing.
Clive, Carolyn, Kim.

Yes, can you believe that we were a group of 14?!! I can't!!! Well, the proof is in the photos! I will link to everyone when I get back from my trip, but here are some photos of our crowd. Carolyn and Clive from Sydney were in town, so were Anne and Caroline. I organized a get together, as you all know I love to organize social gatherings, but this was by far the biggest lunch at a resto that we have had yet!! It was so much fun!!! I finally got to meet Serena, and that was just a delight! She's a fellow Californian whose blog I have been following for over a year- (her blog is La Plage Française, but it has mysteriously disappeared recently! Of course, there were Dawn and Elizabeth, Andrea , Dasha, Kim B. from Sassieland, my friend, Joanna and her friend, Mel, and me!

3 year Wedding Anniversary!

We went to the Indian Resto, Bhai Bhai Sweets near Metro Chateau d'Eau with some friends. This is my new fav. India resto in the 10th, which features a menu with a North Indian Cuisine. The food is really good and so is the service. I highly recommend this place to anyone who likes good Indian food!

Contact info:
Bhai-Bhai Sweets
83 rue du Faubourg Saint Denis
75010 PARIS
Tel 01 42 46 24 08