March 27, 2009

Thanks David!!

I got an email from David in NY, who is also a former San Diegan.  In some spare moments, he redid my banner- so now you can really read the title clearly!!  A big shout out to you, David!! Merci beaucoup!!!!  Here is David's blog, "SPARKLEMIRROR KILNFIRED ART."  Please check out his blog, his art is AMAZING!!!!!  


Anonymous social worker said...

it's always good to change banner every 3 months or so. don't get oo comfy.

M said...

The banner looks great. I like his tiles, too.

Evelyn said...

Leeza...I was directed to your blog by Isabelle whom you made cupcakes with on your March 22nd blog entry. Isabelle is a regular reader of my blog and it was very fun to see a picture or her on yours! Interesting that you are from San Diego...I spent many years living there; my son was born there and we lived in Mission Hills. I live in Iowa now (don't ask me why! it's snowing here today) Your cupcakes are yummy-looking...I think I've gained weight just looking at them. I will continue to read your blog!