March 21, 2009

Join me for breakfast!

Uhhh.... I DID have a cupcake for breakfast this a.m. I'm bringing some cupcakes over to a student today since it was her b-day on Thursday and I had forgotten-- bad teacher!! So, I baked some up last night... They were SOOOOO DELISH!!! Choc. with whipped filling- and a whipped topping with milk chocolate gananche swirled in!! YUMMMMMM!!!!!


Jennie said...

Mmmmm cupcakes for breakfast sound so good! I love all the pictures you post. They make me hungry!

Ron said...

Oh Leesa....these are beautiful!

Love the chocolate shavings!

Just to let you know....

...I had plain old BORING cereal for breakfast this morning!

But I DID have it with French pressed coffee!

tee, hee!


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Wow cupcake for breakfast :-)

You are a GOOD teacher, and you made your student some beautiful cakes :-)

74WIXYgrad said...

I had waffles and bacon.

Tomorrow I am going to pretend that I'm eating one of your cupcakes. Pretend cupcakes don't send the sugar up.

Franco said...

your cupcakes always look delish!

Carolyn said...

Magnifique! I'm sure the the Berko place was good but also sure it couldn't compare to your homemade LEESA CUPCAKES!! In my next life I must be reincarnated as one of your French students.

Cheers and please pass a Leesa cupcake.