March 14, 2009

I am starting baking classes in April. You can learn more about me from my website:
I do appreciate any feedback you can give me concerning my flyer (see below). Thanks, Leesa

Hi Everyone,
NOUVEAU: Cours de CUPCAKES à domicile

À partir d'avril 2009: La Cupcake Princesse est heureuse d'annoncer qu'elle vient chez vous avec des recettes des cupcakes à l'Américaine! Si vous êtes interésses pour apprendre à cuisiner les cupcakes, contactez-moi par mail. Il faut un minimun de 2 personnes par cours et seulement les weekends (samedi/dimanche aprés-midi). En moyenne, chaque cours durera entre 1.5 à 2 heures. Les matières premières et les ustensiles ne seront pas fournis. Pour en savoir plus, contactez-moi: Leesa -    


Cheryl said...

Oh! Wish I could be there to take a class.

Isabelle said...

Hi Leesa,
To make your flyer just perfect there are 2 more spelling mistakes that I want you to know about:

Domicile (and not domiçile)
A partir d'Avril (and not de Avril)

A bientôt ;)

Leesa said...

Hi Cheryl,

Come on down!! That would be fun!

Nadege-- Thanks! C'est noté.

Isabelle-- Thanks for visiting and for editing! Take care... Leesa

debi_in_Hawaii said...

I can't read it LOL

I wish you all the best...
make hella TONS o' money! :D

Barbara said...

Hi Leesa,
That's an exciting project that you are beginning !!
Nice that you had Isabelle help you with the French language up there.

Wishing you lots of students !!
Very cute illustration too of Leesa in the kitchen.

Carolyn said...


Cheering you on and wishing you much success with this great idea.

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Hi Leesa. I wish you all the very best by heart. If you need by the way financing, please fill up an application and send it to me!!!

Leesa said...

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for all of the comments and feedback! This is really exciting! Doing something I really love to do and sharing it with others! I think it's a perfect opportunity for me! I'll keep you posted!