February 17, 2009

Walt and Mlle. Callie in St. Aignan-sur-Cher

Yesterday, Alex and I had the pleasure of meeting Walt and Callie (Ken just left town on Sunday) in their very cute little town, St. Aignan-sur-Cher! There is even a Chateau (it's private) where we walked to have a lovely view of the countryside. We plan to come back again, hopefully before June. It was great to meet Walt, as I have been following his blog since I started blogging! He's a great guy and it was fun chatting with him (in French) and especially making a new friend in another part of France! We bloggers are EVERYWHERE, aren't we?! I had asked Walt if he could bring Callie, since she is such an adorable dog, I really wanted to meet her, too! So, in all, it was a really nice time and a big MERCI to Walt and Ken for the DELISH homemade apple jelly! It's the first time I've eaten it and we had it for dinner that night on the crêpes that Alex made! YUMMMMMM!!!!  
P.S. I'm glad you liked the cupcakes Walt and we hope to see you, Callie (and Ken next time, too) soon!!


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

So pleased you had a great time! I saw a post on Walt's blog too.

I see you have your new bag with you as well :-)

Barbara said...

Hi Leesa,
Friendship makes the world go around ! It's nice to see when bloggers meet and become friends.
I have been to Walt's blog some time back. I have to take a peek again.

See you soon

wcs said...

Thanks, Leesa! We both had a great time, too, and enjoyed getting to know you both a little better.


Leesa said...

Anne - Thanks! I popped over to Walt's blog and read his post before I posted this one.

Barbara-- No words are truer! I definitely recommend you go back and check out Walt's blog... He's a great photographer and it's nice to read about what goes on in another region/another person's life in France.

Walt- Thanks, again! Us, too! Hope to see you all again soon! Take care!