February 20, 2009

Red Velvet Cake Balls

These are made from the Red Velvet cake recipe I found on Cake on The Brain's blog- HERE.  But, for the recipe and explanation, please visit Bakerella's blog,  HERE for the scoop on these beauties.  Be sure to read through the comments on her post as you will find LOTS of very useful info about making these.m  Mine came out fine, I didn't have any problem with the consistency of the cake when making them into balls... A big warning, however;  these babies are SUPER SWEET!!!!
Here are some more that I made.


shannon said...

Those look so so sooooo delicious!

Anonymous said...

C'est trop bon ;o)
Le petit + c'est de les mettre au réfrigérateur pour qu'ils soient croquant à l'extérieur et moelleux à l'intérieur.
signé : un homme heureux avec sa femme Leesa :-)

Andrea said...

They were yummy! Mmmm... Thanks! I would have loved to have taken some home mais, ce n'etait pas possible!

Carolyn said...

Leesa, your baking is amazing!!

They look absolutely gorgeous and I'm sure tasted great, too.

Bakerella said...

You did great. I'm glad you liked them.

Leesa said...

Shannon-- YUMM!!! They were!

Alex-- Hi Honey! Thanks for leaving a comment and for enjoying my baking!! Love ya!

Andrea-- Thanks!! Glad you liked them and it was nice having you with us at lunch time the other day!

Carolyn-- Thanks so much! I have been enjoying cooking and baking since a young age!

Bakerella-- Thanks for popping over to my blog and THANS for the recipe!! I just LOVEEEEEE your blog, your pics are the best... Take care and keep on baking! Leesa