February 19, 2009


"Muntadher al-Zaidi, the Iraqi journalist on trial for throwing his shoes last year at then-President George W. Bush, said the former American leader's "bloodless and soulless smile" and his joking banter provoked him. He explained his actions in an hour-long appearance on Thursday at the Central Criminal Court of Iraq. Asked if anyone pushed or motivated him to do this, al-Zaidi said he was spurred on by the 'violations that are committed against the Iraqi people.'"
'I could only see Bush and feel the blood of the innocents flow under his feet, as he was smiling that smile -- as if he had come to bid farewell to Iraq and with the last support and more than 1 million martyrs,' al-Zaidi said. 'At that moment, I felt this is the man who killed our nation ... the main murderer and the main person responsible for killing our nation.'"
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I think he was right in throwing the shoe... God KNOWS how much I can't stand Bush... He took a great risk, knowing he would face a serious punishment. Yet, he still did it... I think it really was a spur of the moment decision based on Bush's smug attitude and the pack of lies he was telling at the time. I really do hope they let this guy off on the lesser charges if he does in fact, get convicted... I wish he would be pardoned... After all... just look at WHAT Bush did in Iraq... SICK, just SICK!!!!!!

*Photos taken from the CNN article.


debi_in_Hawaii said...

Oh duh. I just noticed your ov calendar link there on the bottom. I don't think I scrolled down there before. (smacks forehead)

Franco said...

IT A ***** SHOe for gawd's sake.
really, If i were him I would have thrown a live racoon.

debi_in_Hawaii said...

Franco, you're too funny...but do you mean a live skunk? LOL

David said...

No, Deb, a raccoon is better.
The skunk would have run away, the raccoon would have ravaged Bush's face.

Iheartfashion said...

I only wish I had done it.

Cheryl said...

I totally agree with you. When I first saw that report on tv I clapped my hands and laughed my head off. I'm also glad, I have to say, that in his interviews before leaving office, I saw a hint of real reflection and regret in his eyes. I think he'll spend the rest of his life justifying what he did to Iraq. Cheryl