February 19, 2009

News From California-- My former state of residence!

Yes, I was born, raised and live most of my life in Southern California. I left L.A. at age 17 and spent the rest of my years until age 40 living in San Diego.
Here is what I read about the state's budget plan which just passed today by state lawmakers. It's from CNN and you can read more about it HERE.
- California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said the state budget plan passed by state lawmakers early Thursday is "the perfect medicine for our ailing economy."

California Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg urges GOP help to break the budget impasse.
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The measure, which awaits the governor's signature, includes tax increases, spending cuts and borrowing to close a $42 billion deficit.
"It will boost public confidence in California, reassure the financial community and allow us to resume selling our bonds and rebuilding our state," Schwarzenegger told a news conference at the capitol in Sacramento, California.
The state Senate approved the measure shortly after 6 a.m. after Democrats agreed to demands from a holdout Republican senator. The state Assembly gave final approval minutes later.
"I am extremely proud of the members of the Legislature, both Republicans and Democrats, who had the courage to stand up and put the needs of Californians first," Schwarzenegger said in a statement.

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