February 1, 2009

Merci à TOUS!!! Thanks Everyone!!!

A HUGE THANK YOU/MERCI to everyone who wrote to me/called after the horrid experience I had last night in the metro... It was a great outpouring of support and it was of great comfort to me!  It really meant a lot!  Brigitte called me after reading my blog and we had a nice long talk, Barbara dedicated a very sweet post to me  HEREin support (thanks sooo much, Barbara) and lots of friends sent emails of all sorts- A big thanks to David, for giving me some great tips of what to do in case of an incident like that... I will keep all of it in mind in case there is ever another time like that again-- HOPEFULLY NOT!!  

    One thing this incident showed me is that you can really be anywhere and not prepared for what is going to happen next.  Living in the states, I was always afraid (in the back of my mind) that I could be a victim of a random crime.  Where I lived, it was always a very big possibility, though, Thank God, nothing like that has ever happened to me.  I have always felt very safe and secure here in France... but these kinds of incidents are just something that can happen and you have to be prepared and not panic when something like that happens.  
    My biggest fears came from NOT KNOWING what was happening, feeling trapped down in the metro with no EXITS near by and not knowing WHERE it was safe to go.  Also, the fact of being exposed to tear gas did not help matters.. That caused me to panic, actually, as I am asthmatic and things like that tend to affect me physically!  So, I think I handled the situation as well as I could... I wasn't really freaking out - I was just VERY SCARED and even terrifying to the point of feeling like a trapped animal in a cage.  I did communicate in French with people all around me to ask where it was safe to go and how to get back to where I was going.  It was all very confusing about WHERE which tunnel I could take that wasn't filled with tear gas.  Once I met the woman and her daughter and walked with them to safety, I felt better.  Especially not being all alone any longer and seeing the large numbers of police municpale everywhere and all around.  I knew that things were under control.

Thanks again, Everyone! 


Ksam said...

Whew, glad you're okay! Now I realize why there were 10 CRS vans parked in front of my building. I asked one of them what was going on, and he said there was a "petite manif" in front of the Val de Grace. I didn't see anyone anywhere, so I just went inside. Looks like it wasn't so "petite" after all!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

OMG Leesa, I am so sorry...I didn't read it all until now.

You must of been absolutely terrified, so happy that you finally got to safety, and home to Alex.

Sending Hugs and love to you..Anne

Franco said...

i constantly walk through atlanta with my friends, even tough it's one of the most dangerous cities in the us.
i'm always on the look.

Starman said...

I'm glad you were finally able to get safely away and don't blame you one bit for being terrified.

Barbara said...

You are very welcome, honey.
It was already good to hear that you were out & safe at home.

You know that you have friends around you that care.

Justin said...

Leesa, sorry to hear you went through such a bad experience, but I am very glad you are okay. I know I would have been scare as hell if I had to go through that. Big hugs!

Leesa said...

Hey Sam.... Yeh.. Me, too!! Thanks for your message... It was pretty terrifying as it was happening... So glad it's all behind me know...

Anne-- Thanks for the support.. I was glad to be out of the whole ourdeal and to be safe...

Franco-- The nice thing about living here is that I feel sooo much safer than I did when I lived in the States.. It's generally pretty safe here.

Starman-- Thanks for your support and understanding.. Yeh.. it was pretty scary... Glad it's all over
and done with!

Barbara- Thanks so much! I'm happy to have great friends and their support and understanding!

Justin-- Thanks a lot... I'm glad to be okay, too... I hope I never have a repeat of that incident- though I'm sure it was just a matter of being at the wrong place at the wrong time... Thanks for the hugs! Leese