February 5, 2009

Melting snow.... HELP ME, I'M MELTING!!!


Franco said...

lucky, don't drown.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

SLUSH !!! It is horrible..it is happening here on the roads not the paths, or my garden yet..still covered in snow !!

Be careful, hope it doesn't ice up, we are expecting a cold spell :-(

Ron said...

OMG...I can FINALLY say that we (Philly) GOT SOME SNOW!!!!!


However, it's all turned to ICE because of the freezing temps we're having.

*I think I need to get out my ice skates!



Leesa said...

Hahaa!! Franco... It's not that profond!!! I won't drown, don't worry! I can swim- Thanks, for the note of caution, though!

Hi Anne-- Just saw ALLLLL of that SNOW in England! Looks like it's getting hit hard- and the worst snow in 20 years!! Stay warm!!! I prefer the snow to slush and slush to ice!! Ice is NOOOO fun and I've already had two bad falls b/c of the ice!!!!

Ron--- Glad you guys FINALLy got some snow! It's supposed to snow tomorrow... What the heck happened to global warming?!!! Okay, I won't complain!!! Take care and get your ice skates out!