February 21, 2009

Mamie Gâteaux- Out with the gals!

OH NO!! They're out to lunch in Paris.... AGAIN!!!

I just LOVE the reflection of the apartment building in restaurant's window.

Since there are sooo many places in Paris that we have not yet discovered (plus, Aimee's is closed for the vacances), we decided to try out this cute little Salon du Thé on the recommendation of Paris expert and Parisophile, Carol @ Paris Breakfasts.  

This place didn't disappoint.  It was very cute, quaint and cozy!  It was also very easy to find and less than 5 minutes from the metro Saint Placide.  

What's on the menu for today?! Hmmmmm....

Here are Barbara and Andrea!

The first one is my tarte au thon/espinards/curry (like a quiche) and the second one is a cake salé. "Cake" in French doesn't necessary mean the same as a "cake" in English... We think of the word, gâteau for the American word cake, mostly... However, gâteau in French can also mean - cookies/biscuits or small cakes you buy in packages that people often eat for breakfast with their morning coffee or at afternoon goûter. Cake salé is more like a savory and spongy texture cake made in a love pan and cut into slices to be served at lunch/dinner.

They had a really yummy looking array of desserts on the counter right behind us. I skipped out on dessert this time (WHAT?!) because my tarte au thon/epinards/curry was quite satisfying! It also came with a carrot salad with a light olive oil vinagrette which was light and delish, and a few leaves of lettuce. A pretty healthy and hearty meal, I must say!

At the end of our time together, we posed for pics in front of Mamie's. Neither Elizabeth nor I are pictured here 'cuz we were too busy snapping away!

So, here are: Barbara, Noëlle, and Andrea.


Franco said...

darn you leese, so much good food.
I wish i could travel to france :( looks so beautiful

debi_in_Hawaii said...

TYSVM for getting her out and away, if only for a little while :)

Barbara said...

Hi Leesa,
There we are ! We had a nice time & yes, this was a nice address. I enjoyed my lunch break with you & the ladies.
He he... Your first line, "oh no; there out to lunch in Paris again", sounds a bit like what D would say !

Stay in touch XX

Carolyn said...

Great photos - fun to see the 'ladies who lunch bunch' out on the town again :)

Leesa said...

Hi Franco--- Come on over... We'll all be here!

Debi--- It's always a fun day getting together with the gals!!! I'm always happy when Barbara can join us!

Barbara-- Hehe... Glad you came along to make the day more fun!! Had a nice time! That's funny... I think all of our hubbies probably are thinking the same thing!

Carolyn--- Thanks! It's sure fun getting together with friends and hanging out... I mean, we all have to eat lunch every day and have coffee, might as well do so with friends! It's so much more fun that way!!! Take care, Leesa