February 18, 2009

Viticulturist and wine maker in Cheverny, Loire Region

Cheverny's local viticulturist and wine maker, Mr. Luc Percher runs "l'Epicourchois," from his home right next to his vines! We had the good fortune to find Luc at home when we were looking around to buy wine from the region. He was very kind and talking about his wines. We tasted his DELICIOUSLY sweet and rich grape juice, we even bought two bottles! I highly recommend that you stop by and pick up some local wines that he produces- you'll have your choice of white, red and rosé. Don't forget to also try out some of that grape juice, as well...
Here's his contact information:
12, la Marigonnerie

Tel: 02 54 79 95 39
Email:  lucpercher@wanadoo.fr

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wcs said...

Oh, that sounds great. We'll have to check it out!