February 7, 2009


Noëlle took the storefront photo above!  Plus, she just informed me that she found the boutique in her neighbourhood, too!!  More shops to shop in! YAY!!!

LOLLIPOPS is the store we discovered, par hasard, after lunch.  It was just across the street from where we the Doormouse and the teapot.  We were immediated drawn to the colourful window display and the array of fun and frilly handbags in the vitrine.  Can ya'll guess which one I bought for myself?!!!  I couldn't resist, really!!!  I just LOVmy new sac à main!  Here is the website: LOLLIPOPS ONLINE.  I suggest you have a look!!


debi_in_Hawaii said...

OK, I give up. I don't see one with sunflowers on it.

Ksam said...

Did you know that Lollipops was owned by a relative of a fellow expat blogger? If I remember right, it's Linda Mathieu's (from Frenchless in France) daughter-in-law...

Leesa said...

Debi- The pink one, of course!! : )

Sam- Thanks for the info... I didn't know that. I just looked up Linda's blog... merci... Have a nice Sunday!

Linda said...

That's right. My daughter in law is the designer of all of those bags and accessories. I'm always so impressed and wished I had something to do genetically with her creative ways. They have shops all over the world. Marjorie does all of the window designs too. They have a web shop at www.lollipops.fr although you can't order from England.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Leesa..sent link to their web shop in an email :-)


Hi Linda,

Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment! Anne just emailed me to say she sent you the link to my blog... Such a small world in here, isn't it?! What a creative daughter-in-law you have, I must say! We all LOVED the store- all the lovely handbags and other accessories.. All of us bought something. I was soo happy with my purchase- a large pic sac with lots of charms all over the front. I even bought a cute bag charm to go with it. I have to say, the purse had my name written ALL over it, that's why I couldn't resist!!!!
Take care, Leesa

Anne-- Thanks for the link. I have the catalog, too! Lovely, lovely, lovely items they have!!!
Take care, Leesa

Carolyn said...

Leesa (and Linda!), this is the COOLEST connection!!! I am definitely going to both places in the Marais next time in Paris.

Sounds like a fabulous store run by a very talented woman.

Thanks for sharing this info!!

Cheers from S&P (Sydney and Paris)

Ron said...

Ok...BEFORE I read your comment to Debi, I guessed the last one!!!


It's so darn cute, Leesa!!!

And the color?.....bellissima!!!!!

I'll check out the link after I finish commenting!

Really love the storefront!!