February 1, 2009

Happy Sunday!

Well, for me, it's almost over but for all of you in other parts of the world where it's still early... I REALLY want to stay up to watch the Super Bowl but I'm soooo tired.. I won't make it... It's supposed to SNOW tomorrow -SNOW/ICE is the forecast!! More cold.... It's beach weather in San Diego.... So, what else is new?!!!
*Sunset photo was taken off the internet... It's a sunset in Venice, California



That picture is stunning of you and those glasses are hawt!

Nadege said...

You always have the best pictures. Are you a little bit homesick Leesa? Come February and winter is still dragging on, my ex sister in law in Michigan cannot wait for spring. I think it got particularly cold in France this winter while here in S.Ca. it has been really warm. Maybe for women more than men, S.A.D. gets worse as we get older. In the news, doctors have recommended to take vitamin D3. Hopefully that will help.

Ron said...

Hi Leesa!

What a cheery and happy post this is!!

The photo of you with the sunflower is AWESOME! God it's beautiful!!!

And for me, sunsets are my FAV! I love when the day moves into evening. My father also loved that time of the day!

Hey, the weather here today is like SPRING...you wouldn't believe it. It's in the high 60's (it actually felt HOT outside). Now tonight it's suppose to drop down into the teens and then snow tomorrow. The weather this year has been like a yoyo.

Hope you had a wonderful Sunday, Leesa!

Thanks for sharing this HAPPY moment!