February 16, 2009

Happy President's Day Everyone in the States!

You know, the longer that I'm here in France, the LESS American I feel.  I hope that is NOT a bad thing to say.  Not that I no longer PROUD to be American (esp. now that Obama is in the HOUSE and Bush is in the DOG HOUSE!!!).  It's just that I now feel less American and more from here.  Not that I feel French, on the other hand.  I think it's mostly because  I have been living her for almost 3 years and I no longer follow  the daily goings on  of American Society.  I  mean, come on will ya, I forgot ALL about Groundhog's Day on Feb. 2 and learned all about La Chandeleur this year.  La Chandeleur falls on Feb. 2, as well.  
Today, at the café with Walt and Alex, I glanced over at the cover of "La Nouvelle République," and noticed that several American presidents were featured on the cover.  I made a remark and Walt reminded me that today is in fact, President's Day in the States... I forgot!  Not that I really celebrated it in the States in any way, other than having the paid day off from work and probably hanging out at Peets with friends longer over morning coffee... But, oh well... I don't really see that it's such a big thing to celebrate- not like Thanksgiving, Halloween, or Memorial Day.  


anaite said...
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Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Leesa, great that you are getting a break..Hey you are with Walt from WCS blog..how great, I read his blog nearly everyday...I am just wondering how many Americans are in France!!!! :-) Not that it worries me, I get to read about France and America in English...:-) Hope you and Alex have a great time..Take Care Anne

Linda said...

I forgot too. I'm not sure what I am anymore- a mix I guess, but I'll never really be French. Just an expat.