February 17, 2009

Coffee time!

HOW CUTE is Callie?!!!!! She is such a sweet dog!!

It was a bit chilly outside but we found warmth in a local café and got to spend time getting to know Walt and Callie! I was really happy that Walt's French is impec. as I know it's hard for Alex to follow along in English!  
While we were sitting there, I caught a glimpse of a local magazine with some former U.S. Presidents on the cover (NOT Bush) and Walt reminded me that it was President's Day!! Whoops! See what happens when you are disconnected from your native country!! I bought a copy and I'm going to check it out as it looks very interesting! 


Notes from Noël said...

Great pictures of your vacation!! I'm looking forward to getting back to the Loire Valley!

David said...

Leesa, I'm a bit confused (and for once, I'm the one that has a cultural question for you).
You've mentioned President's Day several times since yesterday as if it was an important holiday or something.
But the whole time I lived in the US, President's Day was nothing special, sure it said President's Day on the calendar, but it was just like any other day. I remember that because it was a huge disappointment for me the first year, I assumed it was a holiday, and it was not. But now, you mention it as if it was one.
So what's up with that?
Is President's Day celebrated in some states and not some others? Or am I missing something somewhere?

Leesa said...

Hey Noelle-- If you do go, check with me and I'll give you the info for Sonia's B&B!

David.... Yes, I mentioned it twice, but if you read what I had written, the first one was more of a greeting- and a reflection about forgetting American holidays since I have been living here... Can you see where I wrote in the first post that I don't consider President's Day to be a highly observed and celebrated holiday... Maybe for those who love President's - not sure.... I have the tendency, as well as other American's I know to acknowledge whatever holiday it is by saying, "Happy ____________________." but that doesn't necessarily mean that we observe it in any way other than being off from work-- I mean, for Memorial Day, most people in California have picnics, which has nothing really to do with Memorial Day itself- other than the fact that in Calif. we have great weather in May and people are off from work and school... You see, we like to have days off and also to have bbqs or parties.. or just to spend time with family and friends....
In fact, I think you may have had the idea wrong about the "word" holiday. In our meaning (in American culture) - a "holiday" means a day off from work- like bank holiday. But, it doesn't mean "celebration." To me, holiday can be both- a celebration or a bank holiday. But, when I am speaking about work- we say, it's a "holiday" because that is the word our culture uses to mean we have the day off from work - just like you use the work jour férié here in France. In American calendars, all of the holidays we observe, celebrate or whatnot, are marked so we know when they are- as some fall on a different DAY each year. But, not all of the holidays marked in American calendars are jours fériés, some of them are just regular holidays- like Valentine's Day, for instance... I am sorry you were disappointed.. I could have told you then, if I knew you back then so you wouldn't have been disappointed-- hehehe! Hope it answers your question.

David said...

I replied to your e-mail, but I guess I can respond here too.

Sorry, I didn't mean "celebrate" as in party, congratulate each others, have barbecues, sending cards and whatnot, but as in "not going to work today, staying in bed." I guess I should have used "observe"?

Does this make my question clearer?

Leesa said...

Just sent you an email back, too! To me, celebrate and observe are two entirely different things.. so that is good you clarified!