February 21, 2009


     Yesterday, as Barbara and I were making our way over to Mamie Gâteaux Salon du The for a get together with the "gals," we stumbled upon this cute little place, "Bagels & Brownies." It's just off the metro Saint Placide in the 6th. I've been past here several times but it's always been when they are closed, so I took the opportunity, seeing that they were open, to stop by with Babara. The window display showed an array of thick and fudgey brownies, muffins, chocolate chip cookies and other baked goodies. Going inside, they had containers of fresh bagel add-ins (for bagel sandwiches) such as onions, tomatoes, lettuce, sandwich meats, mayo, mustard, cream cheese, etc. 
    In their cake display counter were more sinfully delicious looking fudge brownies and to my surprise, a NY style cheesecake, made with none other than Philly cream cheese! There were quite a few people gathering inside for lunch and the place was starting to get busy. I spoke with the manager there (owner?) who was very sweet. I asked if I could take a few pics for my blog and passed on my card to her to check out! 
     Needless to say, I bought 6 very appetizing bagels, nothing like the bagels in the Marais. The bagels here looked exactly like the California style bagels I'm used to. I can't wait to try them out! I have a strong feeling we'll be coming back here again in the near future to have one of their fresh bagel sandwiches!! This cute shop is only about a 5 minutes walk from the Starbucks in Montparnasse.
Here's the contact info if you're craving any of Bagel and Brownie's treats!

Bagels & Brownies Paris

12, rue Notre-Dame-des-Champs
75006 Paris
Tel. 01 42 22 44 15
Open from Monday to Saturday
From 9 am - 6 pm


debi_in_Hawaii said...

That's cruelty to blogreaders!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Yes how can you be so teasing :-)

Out again!!!!! and with Barbara and Dawn...

and you have lots and lots more to visit :-)..Have fun.