January 31, 2009

Some INFORMATION about what went on today!

"Manifestation sabotages SNCF: 8 policiers blessés, 15 interpellations à Paris" is the headline on Yahoo.fr's website tonight. So, at least I know what was going on in the metro today at Defert... It was a number of manifesters (protesters) who went into the metro and were causing trouble or maybe just fleeing the cops on the streets above were the protest was taking place. Not really sure as to WHY they came down into the METRO... maybe the wanted to manifest or maybe they were on their way home... but it really worked to scare the living daylights out of us unsuspecting voyageurs, let me tell you!!!
I learned from the woman I had accompanied to the RER B with her daughter that some of them pulled the cord on the Line 4, thus stopping it. And that at that time, the cops (? or the manifesters) set of a tear gas bomb (though I happen to think it was the police) and then they manifesters were trying to get away from the cops. At least they were stopped... as I saw a bunch of them while I was crossing over the walk way to get my train at the end of my adventure. I don't even know how many of the actually entered into the metro halls, but I did learn from the news article that there were about 1, 200 protesters. What a day, I tell you!!!!


Notes from Noël said...

Absolutely crazy! I can't believe that there were 1,200 protestors in the metro tunnels - terrifying!

David said...

They were in the subway most likely because they were trying to escape the cops (if you manage to get on the train and not them, you're saved...)

The tear gas was the cops' doing protesters don't have those things.

Franco said...

omg that'd must have been so scary, i mean i know when i ride the metro the slightes suspiciousness makes me paranoid.
how are you?

Barbara said...

Leesa, I read your last post.
I was so sorry to hear what happened to you.
I was not even aware that this was going on. I had a marathon day yesterday and was out & about until 5 p.m.
Hey; I hate to hear that this happened to you dear, I really do.

Hope you're feeling better


Whow, I'm so sorry that you had to go through that, what a nightmare. I hope you're feeling better.

Carolyn said...

Leesa, just read both posts and am so sorry that happened to you. I would have been terrified, too. Thank God you are OK.

Hang in there. I too am sure the little girl would have appreciated your telling her you were scared, too.

Take care and here's a big HUG your way.

Leesa said...

Hi Noelle--- There were 1,200 protesters in the streets above... One a small number of them entered into the metro station... probably those fleeing cops.
Thank GOD it wasn't ALL 1,200 of them!!!! That would have really been a DISASTRE!!!!

David- Thanks for the info... and thanks for your emails, too... giving me tips and explaining a lot of things I didn't know... You are a good resource! I appreciate it!!

Barbara-- Thanks so much for your email and for the wonderful post to me on your blog!! You are a true and dear friends! Thanks for your support and kind words!! BIG HUGS back to you!!

Hi Brigitte-- Thanks so much and thanks again for your phone call this morning... You're always so on top of things and I do appreciate you calling to check in to see how I was doing! Hugs to you!!

Carolyn-- Thanks so much for your words of support! It's great to have a lot of support from all of you and this morning I feel a lot better after the whole ordeal! I think it did help the little girl.. bless here because when I told her that I was very frightened, too and that I cried.. she smiled and I did talk to her a bit and try to make her feel better...
Take care,

Leesa said...

Hey Franco,

Nice hearing from you and thanks for your support!! I'm doing a whole lot better today!!! Leese