January 18, 2009

Seeking support, Daily Strength

     If you know me, you know I'm pretty sensitive when it comes to death and dying.  I took a pause to reflect a bit about the past few weeks, when I learned about the passing of a person I never knew and how it affected me personally.  It hit home and I took some time to myself to think about things.  
     While this sad event still lingers in my heart and thoughts, I am proceeding forward.  I hope that we can all take some time out in our busy lives to tell someone we know how much they mean to us... give a random compliment to someone here or there... and think of all the things in life we are blessed with.  
     And for those of you out there who may have troubles in your heart, may you know that YOU are special and important... that you are valuable and loved.  And, if you feel plagued and haunted by the demons that try to take hold of your heart and thoughts, may you seek help by talking to someone, anyone... instead of exiting this life forever...at your own hands... Things are bad sometimes, but things also get better, too.       
     If you are really hurting and can't talk to a friend... PLEASE try the site, called Daily Strength.   It really saved me after I had a miscarriage in Sept. '07  and it alsohelped me to deal with my mom's death.... They have every single support group imaginable there- filled with people who are going through the same thing... 
     I repeat-- Please look here for support and help if you can't talk to friends and family... It really will make a difference.  


Carolyn said...

Beautiful post, Leesa. You are an amazing, positive person and so sensitive to others. I hope we can meet in person someday, like when you and Alex come to Australia!!! Or maybe Paris Starbucks! Thanks for posting this. It's a great message for anyone who is in pain and needs support.

Take care and glad you're back. I missed you!

Cheers from Sydney.

Ron said...

Hi Leesa~


Your sensitivity is what makes you the loving and caring person that you are.

You've taken your sadness, and moved forward to help others heal.

And in doing so...you are healed.

Love ya, my friend!


P.S. I'm honored to know you.

Starman said...

Great post and a great recommendation. Daily Strength is full of wonderful opportunities for help and guidance.

Leesa said...


Thank you for your kind words... I have been there and back and then some... I really feel that I can relate to people who are going through really rough times and also empathize with them.... I feel the pain of others... I hope that one day we will meet in either Paris or Sydney!!

Starman... I DO have to say that Daily Strength is an excellent source of support!! I am very happy to promote this site as I feel it is really helpful!

Ron... You're sooo kind... I'm blushing!! Like I sad to Carolyn above... I feel like I am in the sufferer's shoes.. Like I can really relate or really feel their pain... It makes me more sensitive to what others are going through.... Thanks so much for your kind words... It's a blessing to have you as a friend, too.
Hugs, Leesa