January 26, 2009

Our storm on Friday....

Resulted in high winds (Alerte Orange) but was nowhere NEAR what they experienced in the south of France over the weekend.  High winds and rain kept me from going up to Paris to meet friends for lunch.  I stayed inside until it was time to go to work.  My good friend and fellow expat blogger had another story as a result of this storm. She lives in a neighbouring town and they had a tree fall in their yard as a result of this storm!! Thankfully, no one was hurt. See Barbara's story
HERE (Part 1) and Here (Part 2)!


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Horrendous weather in the South of France and Spain..

Barbara was very lucky...:-)

Notes from Noël said...

Crazy weather!! Sunny by me but rain and wind by you. Rain and wind by me but sunny by you! It seemed to be a very fast moving storm but fortunately when I was out it was sunny - go figure!

Barbara said...

Hi Leesa,
Remember that I called you Friday morning ? It was after about an hour after the call that I heard the "BOOM" of the falling tree.
Yes; we were lucky; we are just with a squashed wire fence & less one part of a tree which is NOTHING, compared to what the Sud Ouest got.Terrible damage down there.
Wow; from up in your apart, you saw those clouds go by.
Storms can be scary but impressive.

Thanks for your write up !
Hugs XXX

islandgirl4ever2 said...

Anne-- I agree!! Terrible weather and lots of damage, not to mention those who lost their lives and those who were injured!

Notes from N--- Hey.... I know! Too bad we had to cancel lunch! Oh well... there's always next time!

Barbara---Yep!! I totally remember talking to you while looking out the window and seeing this sight and snapping the pics!!! Once again, I'm glad that you were all okay out your way and that there wasn't much damage.....
Your welcome for the write up...
Take care, Leese

Ron said...

Hi Leesa!

I read about this on Barb's blog this weekend.


Glad to hear you were safe, dear friend!!

Hey...and that last shot of the rain drops on the window is SPECTACULAR!!!

I LOVE IT!!!!!