January 3, 2009

"Life After Phantom"... Now available ONLINE!

The novel, "Life After Phantom," by my Myspace friend, Samantha is NOW available online! I'm sooo excited, I am going to order a copy right after I finish this post!  Samantha... I wish you celebrated SUCCESS with your book!  I can't wait to read it!!
 If you'd like to order a copy or check it out, Click HERE to oder the book.   Available at: Amazon.com and IUniverse.com
Ships Internationally!
TITLE: "Life After Phantom: Opera Erotica"
AUTHOR: Samantha


corine said...

hey I found you! i remember you leaving a message on my blog asking me if i was close to Topanga Canyon and yes i am. You're a Califonian in paris and I am a parisian in california. Actually, i'm in woodland hills near Topanga and Mulholland. Your blog is a very happy one.

wcs said...

Off topic... but I just wanted to wish you and Alex a Bonne Année 2009! I'm hopeful that we'll get to meet one of these days!