January 5, 2009

It's winter time here... and it's snowing in Antony!

I have to say that in the 2 1/2 years that I've lived here (3 winters), this one is by far the coldest one I've experienced! It's about -2 C so it makes for some good snow! It only snowed once last year (maybe twice)- and that was in mid April before we went back to Cali. Right now, it's snowing lightly.  It has been snowing since about 8 a.m. this morning so things are looking more white... I may venture out when it's even more white, granted it keeps snowing... For the moment, I'm staying inside our warm apartment!  Maybe we'll have enough snow for me to make a snowman- that would be super cool.... Yahhhhhooooo--- snow!!!  I'm  definitely NOT in southern California anymore!!


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

We had snow in the night, and a tiny bit this morning...all gone now...but it is really cold!!!!

CrystalChick said...

Hello! Thanks for visiting me recently. I'm STILL posting about the trip. Took lots of pictures!!
It's cold here so I know we really are back from Cancun. Wonder if we'll get any big snow this year?? Some years we have had blizzards, others not much more than some flurries.
I love your rose pictures below. :)
Have a nice week. Mary

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Wonderful pictures by a very good photographer! Who is he or she???

Ron said...

Hi Leesa!

Thanks so much for emailing me these SNOW photos!!

Maybe they'll bring some snow our way!

*crossing my fingers

Doesn't snow make you feel all warm and cozy???


Enjoy, my friend!

Leesa said...

Anne.... We got a lot... It's pretty unusual to get snow in this area... but we sure got it!!

Crystal Chick.... Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I really enjoyed looking at your travel pics... Must have been soooo lovely, esp. the ocean!! Hope you guys get some snow!

Philip.... Hahah... C'est moi, la photographe! Comme d'hab!

Ron... Hey there!!! Well, I have to say that going out to tour the grounds of my apt. building was pretty fun... Stomping around in the FRESH white powdery stuff... It felt both soft and crunchy..... Crunch, schrunch... Ahhhhh!! Very nice... It felt soft to the touch... Ahhhhh... I almost wanted to lie down in it and make a snow angel... but I saw that underneath the snow/grass area of our grounds was a lot of swquishy MUD... So, I resisted!! Anyhow... If I ever go up on a mountain top full off snow...I'll try it there! If the snow is still there tomorrow, I'm gonna make a BIGGGG OL' SNOWMAN- and I'll call him, "RON!!!!"
Have a wonderful day and I hope the snow soon heads your way!

our Juicy life said...

ahhhhhh....can you hear me screaming from the Aveyron. We are freezing here. Not snowing, but cold cold cold, but it's sunny. I'm actually surviving my first winter in 17 years. As long as it's sunny I can survive.
Great pictures btw.

Susu said...


I just wanted to let you know that I passed on the Friends Award you kindly gave me. Thanks again!