January 23, 2009

A great coffee house in Paris....

...is Le Loir dans la Théière (the dormouse in the teapot). This has to be one of my FAV. places for a GREAT coffee and a 'tastes like home' meal.... They're baked desserts are EXCELLENT! So, Noëlle and I ventured to the Marais after our cupcake excursion with the girls...  Our server was sooo nice and very sweet.... I had swiss chard soup- which was DELISH and hit the spot, while Dawn was feeling lemony and had their mile-high meringue pie. That pie is to DIE for!!! I will definitely be going back there soon!!  
Le Loir dans La Theiere
Open Monday to Friday 11:30AM-7PM
Saturday & Sunday 10AM –7PM
3 rue de Rosiers, 75004
Metro: St. Paul

*Photos courtesy of Noëlle, as I lost all my pics while trying to download them onto my computer!!!


Ron said...

Hi Leesa!

Ok...when I come to visit you, you've GOT to take me there!!!

That dessert looks ORGASMIC!

And I can just SMELL the coffee from here!

I'll tell ya, the more I see of your beautiful home and all the quaint little privately owned shops...it makes me want to LIVE there.

I can just imagine how wonderful it feels to be surrounded by all that historical atmosphere!

It's just beautiful!

Thanks for sharing your day my friend...I really enjoyed it!


P.S. and HI Noelle!

David said...

You should give the addresses of the place you go to. That could be useful to your friends living in Paris. ;-)

And glad you're finally going to other places than you-know-where.


That little lemony number looks delish! And to think we were around the corner from each other at the same time...
Have a great weekend!

Andrea said...

I'm gong to check it out next time I'm in the area.

The address is 3 rue des Rosiers, 75004, metro Saint Paul.

Starman said...

The dessert looks good enough to make me want to catch the next plane to Paris! Of course, any excuse is a good one for going to Paris.

Leesa said...

Ron.... Of course we can go there! Their coffee is EXCELLENT and we won the waiter over with our smiles and generous tip... I always believe in tipping when you get good service here and also if it's a place you plan to go back to frequently... I love this place.... I only WISH my pictures came out so that I could post them to the blog... Oh well.. Next time!! Thanks for visiting and happy weekend to you...

Dave--- Noted!!! I added it to the post... I'll defin. remember to do that for the places I visit in the future... Have a good Sunday!

PIP-- Hey there B!!! Yes!!! I think we should make a trip out there... Are you avail on Thursday around 1 pm? If so, I'll change my nail apt to an earlier time and see who wants to go with us! Bizzzz!!!

Thanks A!!!
Can you make it on Thursday around 1 pm??

Starman-- Hehe.. If you can make it over by Thursday at lunchtime.. You are welcome to join us!
Take care and thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

You should start a blog about cafes and restaurants that you go to in Paris..you take fantastic photos and you seem to know where all the cool places are!