January 24, 2009

Exki Restaurant à Montparnasse

Exki is a chain of Bio restaurants and they just opened a new one in one of my favorite quartiers in Paris, Montparnasse (the 14th arrondissement). What I like about this place, besides having the best bio cappucinos in town, is that they have a VERY WIDE selection of vegetarian dishes and soups! The people who work there are very friendly and when a person walks through the door, they are immediately greeted in a friendly manner by the employees. I told one of the nice girls working there how happy I was to see Exki in my fav. part of town and that I have dined frequently at the Exki in Opéra. Her response was very sweet, " We are here for you!" Quelle service!!! I just love EXKI! Hope you make it over one day if you are in the area.  Here's the address: 82 Bd Montparnasse - 75014 Paris 


Nadege said...

Hey Leesa, I stop by everyday on my favorite blogs. I don't always have time to leave a message but believe me, I am there, looking and savouring (is that an english word? or should I write, drooling?). I just came back from a birthday party and the cake was from Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa recipe. Delicious! The kids didn't care for it because it was not sweet enough for them.


Wow, the place looks delish! Just looking at the pictures with fashion statement Dawn aka Noelle, I see why you rave about it. When are you going again????
Have a wonderful coughless day!

Anonymous said...

When my vegetarian sister comes to Paris you shall be the first person I go to for info about where she can eat (eating salad after salad isn't that fun when that's all there is for vegetarians on a menu!).

Carolyn said...

Great posts, Leesa. Cupcakes, coffee, and great veggie dishes ... sounds pretty perfect.

Love your foodie photos, as always!

D.D.U. (Drooling Down Under)

Leesa said...

Hi Nadege-- Aww!! Thanks for the compliments... OH BOY!! I LOVE the bf Contessa! Her recipes are great.. I think I'll get her book when I'm in Cali this summer! I don't like really sweet cupcakes/frosting.. but I do count a lot of points for moist, light and airy, and tasty!!!

PIP--- Hi B! We'll have to do it again sooon, no doubt! I'll let you know! HOpe to see you there!

Rochelle - Just let me know if you need any info... I can help in that respect! Take care, Leese

74WIXYgrad said...

Hi there. Thank you for your visits to my blog. Everything there looks delicious. Too bad I'm diabetic...

Andrea said...

Hey, you were right, it's heading towards Port Royal not Porte d'Orleans :)

I'll try to find a good movie for us to see at MK2 Parnasse and we can stop at Exki for a coffee beforehand.

Tassy said...

Hi Leesa,
thanks for you kind words on my blog.I was reading again today what suzanne wrote back to me after my post and I felt both happy and sad and realised, she was the reason for me getting more confidence in my work.Bless her!
And I was sitting quietly in my room, waiting patiently for my dinner time so I dont snack on things, then I saw your blog, the cakes and all these nice things...now I am so hungry that after dinner, im out for an icecream! I hope you dont mind if I blame you for the extra calories.They really really made my mouth water!Beautiful blog you have got here!:)

Starman said...

Okay, I'll ask. What is a bio cappucino?

Leesa said...

Hi Carolyn (DDU)!!! ; )

Hope you can come back to Paris so I can include you in the fun. Thanks for your compliments on the photos!!!

Cliff--- Thanks for stopping by! Nice to have you hear. By the way, ALL the pastries and sweets on my blog are SUGAR FREE, CALORIE FREE AND CARB FREE... So, you are safe!!! I know what you mean about being diabetic, though.. Everyone on my dad's side is so it is in our family.... I have to watch out, too. Have a nice Sunday....


First, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting, too!! I can really understand what you and others are going through... I lost my mom 3 years ago and my life hasn't been the same since... I have also lost a few friends to suicide so this topic always touches me personally, too. I am very sorry for your loss and for the others, too... I pray for all of you... esp. Suzanne's family. How sad it is... I pray for Suzanne, too.. That she is with God and has found the peace she was searching for... Such a loss for everyone involved. I can see how she touched your heart.
Your work is beautiful and I hope it blossoms. You seem like a very sweet person. Maybe one day we will have the chance to meet as I will be coming to London in the next few months- Inshallah... Take good care, Leesa

Starman-- (bio) meaning organic....
It's an "organic" resto so everything there is supposed to be bio... Take care, Leesa

Ron said...

Hi Leesa!

OMG...they need to put one of these in PHILLY!!!

Oh, no...that would NEVER work, because it would most likely put all the UN-natural CHEESE STEAK restuarants out of business!!!!



Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Another fab place to eat, you are really lucky..and it all looks tasty! Enjoy :-)

Hey I see that you are coming to London in a few months..:-)maybe we can meet up!

Leesa said...

Hi Ron!

I think you would really like this place... It's pretty "healthy." When you come to visit us in France, we'll go here, too... Have a great day and thanks for stopping by! When Alex and I come to Philly, I want him to try the all-famous Philly Steak Sandwich!!! I ate those as a kid and LOVED the thin steak with cheese... Both my folks are from Philly, you know!!!!

Hi Anne,

Yes! There are soooo many great places to go in Paris!! I would LOVE to meet up to you when I come to London- Not sure if it will be with me and my hubby... it depends if he can get the days off... or me and a friend... or JUST ME!!!! I'll keep you posted!