January 23, 2009

Cupcakes and Company- New cupcakery in Paris

A big shout out to Sarah for the top two photos... Mine were eaten and deleted so I relied on the photos everyone else took that day! Whew!

Yesterday me and the gals got together for a little cupcake fun.... It's the first cupcakery or should I say, "cupcakerie" in Paris that I know of and it's called Cupcakes and Company (cute name). It's run by two sisters, who are French gals who LOVE to bake and took their passion of baking to a little shop near the Bastille.
We were very pleased to see that they use good ol' Philly cream cheese for the cream cheese frosting and their frosting was really DELISH- smooth and creamy, and just the right sweetness.. and piped on very nicely. The cupcakes were served in nut cups and you eat them with a spoon. There are a very wide variety of flavors- including lemon, vanilla, carrot, coffe, red velvet and banana.
The cupcakes themselves were not very good! Sorry, but they were more like muffins, and not like cupcakes- much more dense and heavy.. not light and airy like the typical "cupcake" should be! I know that most of the homemade cakes here in France (not the ones from pastry shops) are more on the dry and dense side. But, for me...having grown up with cupcakes my entire life, and baking more than I could ever count... I am simply NOT used to the idea of a cupcake being a "muffin with frosting!" A cupcake should be moist, light and fluffy and kind of melt in your mouth... Oh well, I won't be coming back here anytime soon!
BEST cupcakes in Paris are made by CAT at Little Miss Cupcake in Paris. She's American and makes authentic tasting cupcakes.. I highly recommend her for any other your cupcake needs!! Here is the VF (version française) of Little Miss Cupcake in Paris
It was a fun little excursion and exciting to see a cupcakery spring up in Paris.
I took MANY pictures but unfortunately when I was uploading the pictures into my IPhoto, something went wrong and all but four of them didn't upload. This left me with just the tail end of our little outing, when I snapped a few of my half-eaten cupcakes! I felt really bad, because the pictures came out really nice. I'll have to take a trip back to shoot some more soon.. Right now, I am 'borrowing' a few of Noelle's and Sam's photos... Still waiting to see if Sarah got some good pics and then I will post them.



They look pretty. Have a good weekend, BB

debi_in_Hawaii said...

It should've been your shop! LOL

Leesa said...

HI PIP- Yes, very pretty!

Debi- Haha!! That's okay, I'm busy enough and I know it costs a PRETTY FORTUNE to rent a shop in Paris + expenses + taxes, so merci, I'll pass! It's better if I can do something on the side, as I have a lot of students this year!

Nadege said...

You are right Leesa, we want to see more pictures so you just have to go back to the cupcake company!
Are these cupcakes as good as the one in the US? My problem with american pastries are that they are always too sweet. Thank you for all the gorgeous pictures you always take for us bloggers. I, for one, am extremely grateful.

Ron said...

Hi Leesa!


I'll take one of each please!

Hey...that's so COOL that they use PHILLY cream cheese! I always remember my mom using it to bake stuff and felt so proud that they made it here!!

Honestly though...it truly is the best!!

I love it on a warm BAGEL!!!


Leesa said...

Nadege- Hey there!! Thanks for stopping by! Since you are French and you don't like sugary sweet, I think you might really like these cupcakes... Next time you come to Paris we can stop by.... Thanks for stopping by!

Hi Ron!!
Thanks for your comment.. I love hearing from you on my blog! I send you one of each, okay... I hope the cream cheese frosting is still in tact when it gets to you ... hehehe!!
I LOVE Philly cream cheese...
Take good care, Ron!!!
Have a Happy Sat!