January 25, 2009

Brunch @ Le Resevoir

     So, as you can all see... I've been pretty busy this month doing lots of fun things with fellow expat friends/Paris bloggers!!  It's been a fun month, I must say, especially since I was really sick in Dec/Jan and pretty much at home 24/7.  
     I did, however; miss this one today.. and hopefully there will be a repeat performance soon.  Jasmin organized this shindig and it was a big hit!!!  It was  brunch, held at Le Resevoir in Paris.  And, just by coincidence, this place is JUST about 1 minute by foot from Cupcakes and Company, where we went a few days ago! What a SMALL WORLD it is.... 

Practical info:
16, rue de la Forge Royale
75011 Paris
Tel : 0143563960
Fax : 0143563173
Email : lereservoir@free.fr
- Restaurant et bar, en attendant l'animation, sont ouverts tous les jours du mardi au samedi à partir de 20 heures jusqu'à tard dans la nuit.
 - Brunch le dimanche de 11h30 à 16h30.

*Photos courtesy of Noëlle

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Ron said...

Oh...what FUN you have!!