January 10, 2009

Animals on the side of the road...

Weird, huh?!


Starman said...

That first animal (a cow?) is really skinny. It needs a bit of fattening up.

Unknown said...

Yeah that cow doesn't look very healthy (unless it's a uncommon species).
This reminds me, when I was little, there was this guy near my hometown who had a camel (among other local animals).
According to my dad (for some reason I talked with my dad about this a few months ago), the guy was a French Algerian and brought the camel with him when Algeria became independent and he had to move to France.

Toulonnaise for a while said...

do not laugh... that animal is a baby camel?
That is in France??
(Just so you know - I never knew much about animals...:)))

Ron said...

OMG...I missed this post when I was here yesterday!



And camels too!

*however I actually thought they were Llama's!

Tee, hee!