December 30, 2008

Who would do this to their dog?!!

**Photos taken off the net


debi_in_Hawaii said...

Answer: people more disturbed than me ROTFLMFAO

P.S.: It is non-toxic...*USUALLY* they use kool aid powder to color them.

Leesa said...

I know it's non toxic, but didn't know it was Kool aid! I knew a man who did is white poodle in colours and he used vegetable based food coloring.. I did something similar to that at age three and colored myself green and blue.. Needless to say, it took several days to "wear off!!!"
hehehePersonally, I think it's pretty cool since I used to do my hair all crazy when I was younger... I think it's interesting how people get so creative with their dogs.. but WOW... it's really "a lot," if you know what I mean!!

debi_in_Hawaii said...

I've seen pink poodles here on a few occasions, but trust me, I've seen much worse. I've seen a woman that glued colored rhinestones in her chihuahua's pointy eartips and called it her "earrings". I kid you not.

(note to self: start pooping out babies before I become that nutty)