December 14, 2008

Turkey Time-- AGAIN!!!

Okay, I've had enough "Thanksgiving" to last me the whole year through!!! I just prepared yet another Thanksgiving meal for today's lunch with our friends who couldn't make it to our lunch last Sunday and we're celebrating Alex's b-day together today! So, this will make our third Thanksgiving this year! I'm not complaining, by any means.. It's just that after last weeks left-overs for two days straight... we just won't be taking home the left-overs from today's lunch.. we'll just leave them over at our friend's house!! Hehe....

So, I made: Stuffing, baked yams, cranberry sauce, turkey and potatoes, and a cranberry-pumpkin bunt cake with cranberry gaze... I will take pictures so Franco and the rest of you can drool....
Happy Sunday everyone!! And, yeh... Happy Thanksgiving... Again!!!


Barbara said...

Hi Leesa,
Well, you can say that you've eaten your dose of turkey meat !

You are great to do this to share again with other friends.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Has Barbara said "you are great to do this again"..:-)

We haven't had any turkey yet..not my favourite, but my husband loves it..but not until the 25th :-)


Leesa said...

Barbara-- It was such a pleasure to share this with Cyril and Estelle... they were bummed they couldn't make it last week... And it was nice to be able to see them and catch up!!

Anne---- Thanks!!! It certainly was fun... AND, we left the left-overs at their place!!!!