December 8, 2008

Our 2nd Annual Thanksgiving in France.... More photos!

So, as you already know, we celebrated Thanksgiving in France this past Sunday.... I week and a few days later than the actual Thanksgving date in the U.S. but HEY... this is France and we can do it when we want because it's not even observed here!!! Canada has theirs in Oct... The U.S. in Nov. and now-- in France in Dec. At any rate, it was DELISH-ously delicious!

We had a great group of about 20 or so adults and about 7 kids... It was at our friends' place in Sceaux. A big THANK YOU to Frédérique and François for hosting our 2nd Thanksgiving at their house... I am thankful that I am a good cook/baker to pump out some really tasty dishes for everyone to enjoy!

On that same note... I am thankful for the same from our guests because without all of them... we wouldn't have had quite the variety of dishes that we had!! More than enough to go around and Alex and I will be eating left overs for a few days! A big THANKS to all of our guests (friends) who were there- it's what made the day a such special one...

Also, please see where Barbara blogged about it HERE!


Ron said...

Hi Leesa!

Why is it after I visit your blog....I suddenly feel HUNGRY???

Tee, hee!

WOW-WHEE...what a feast!!!!

ooooh...and I bet the WINE sitting at the end of the table was FABULOUS!!!

French wine.....yummy!

Looks like you all had a wonderful day!

Don't ya just LOVE Thanksgiving???


Franco said...

AHHH, i juts came home and there's nothing to eat!
you are making me hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

debi_in_Hawaii said...

Ditto what both Ron & Franco said.
LOL. Yummmmmmm...

Leesa said...


Probably 'cuz I post soooo many pictures of food!! Hehe... You'll just have to make it over here one day, that's all!! Thanks for stopping by, the Thanksgiving Feast WAS ABSOLUTELY DELISH!!! Wish you were there!

Franco-- Sorry! I'll whip something up for you and send it through the mail... Though it may be all moldy by the time it gets to you! : )

Debi-- Thanks... Maybe one day you, Franco and Ron will make it over to France for Thanksgiving! hehehe!!! That would be fun!!
Take care!

Barbara said...

Hi Leesa,
We could have fed an army Sunday ! It was yummy and very fun !
Thanks again for organizing everthing with Fréderique & François.
And thanks for the write up.

Were we camera shy Sunday ??