December 30, 2008

L'Acadamie de la bière à Strasbourg

This is such a great little pub! The people who worked there were sooo friendly and the guy even remembered me from when I was there in October with Lindsey... He even pointed to where we were sitting... How's that for leaving an impression?!!  I think there is one in Paris, too... 
Alex getting settled in....
I know, I know.  I don't drink beer, but what the hay?!! It's à la pêche~ peach beer.  It tasted more like a carbonated peach drink than a beer--- a real woman's beer, I know.... Alex likes REAL beer, not me!!!  I tasted some of Lindsey's when we came to this cute little pub in Oct.  What a great find this place was!! Try it the next time you're in town!
This is the famous, "tarte flambée" -- aux pommes et à la cannelle... flambé avec du Calvados! YUMMMMM is all I have to say!!  Sooo good when it's hot out of the oven! A must try!!

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