December 26, 2008

Christ Kindel Market in Strasbourg 2008


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Bet you had a brilliant time. I have one of those little tea light holders but not a Christmas one, will take a photo and show you !

Carolyn said...

Fabulous photos! LOVE the buches one, and the Christmas tealights.

That beer looks good too :)


Ron said...

HOLY COW...what a way to spend Christmas, Leesa!!!

I bet it felt absolutely MAGICAL to be surrounded by all of this!!

Thanks so much for sharing all these beautiful photos!!!

I feel like I just had Christmas all over again!!!

Barbara said...

That looks so lovely.No wonder why people come from around the world to visit Strasbourg during December.
It was CERTIANLY much,much better than the one Marché de Noël that we went through in province.

Did you eat a bit of pain d'épices or have a vin chaud ?

Big hugs to you xxxx

Leesa said...

Anne-- It was a great time and I would highly recommend it to everyone... In fact, I could easily spend a few months at a time in Strasbourg.. just because it's "my" kind of place!!! I think everyone who visits will love it!!

Carolyn--- Thanks! I took soo many pictures, but this time, more of the marchés then the other sites...
The peach beer I had was really good.. A woman's beer!

Ron--- Surely, it was very magical... I can't wait to go back... I love everything about this charming town... I hope you will visit one day...

Barbara--- It was much better than the ones in Paris... I think I would love to spend every Christmas up in Strasbourg.. I'd love to spend a week or so... I hope we can go up in spring as a "girl's trip."

Yes.. we ate quite a bit of pain d'épices ET du vin chaud et bien sûr de la tarte flambée!!!