December 10, 2008

K&Ks 200th Episode Live from Paris!

I didn't get to go to the K&K Live Podcast at the Great Canadian Pub this Saturday. Nor did I get to go to rhum-rhums on Friday night- because I was nursing my cold. Many people from near and far went and it seemed to me (as I watched on UStream... That is was a BLAST and a half!! Kudos to Katia and Kyliemac! Here's their website: Katie and Kyliemac Podcast I'm sooo proud of you gals!! I hope to make it the next one (300th?), of course. I did get to see most of my friends who were there via the camera they had hooked up for the UStream.... so that was pretty cool....
Anyhow, since I didn't get to go, I have no pics. But I found Milk Jam's wonderful collage. Please visit by her blog HERE for more information about the big event!


David said...

They were at the Great Canadian, not at the Moose, at the Moose it would have been impossible to record anything else but "Let's go Gators!"
(well, I assume that they recorded that pretty early in the day, even the Great Canadian is not that quiet)

Leesa said...

Great! Thanks David... Noted!