November 17, 2008

A visit with the Wheatens...

Here's a much better image than the one in the post before this.... Yesterday, Alex and I drove about an hour outside of Paris to visit a woman (just recently moved here from Germany with her family) who breeds soft-coated wheaten terriers... My favorite breed of dog... This woman... Mary (who is Chilean) was very sweet and I really didn't notice that 3 1/2 hours went by until we left! Her 4 dogs are soooo adorable! Hopefully, we will be able to get one of her puppies one day. But for now, it was just fun to go up there and play with the dogs!!! Here's Mary's site if you would like to see more of her beautiful dogs-- Amberwheat's Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.


Barbara said...

Hi Leesa,
What a memorable afternoon for you & Alex.
I hope that your wish comes true one day.

Ron said...

OMG Leesa!

How freaking cute are they????

I've not heard of this breed, however, I happen to really love terriers of all kinds.

I honestly think if I were a dog...I'd be a terrier!

Because I'm a Terror!


Thanks for sharing, my friend!

I love the hair over their eyes!

VERY 60's!

Our Juicy Life said...

ah wheaten's are great dogs, our friends have 2...they are like little muppets. And a wheaten pup....way too cute.

Franco said...

awwwwwww pure cuteness!

Leesa said...

Barbara--- They were soooo adorable!!

Ron-- Try a google images search on the bread---- I LOVE this kind of dog! I think I am a direct incarnate of this dog-- the proooffff -- my curly hair!!! Maybe we're related! Aarf arfff... Have a nice day!

Alisa- They ARE like muppets, like stuffed animals, too... AWWW!!!!

Franco- Yes, I agree... just good ol' pure cuteness... Take care!